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Country: IN
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Tekkali is a Town, Revenue Division and a Mandal in Srikakulam district in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India.[1]

Tekkali is also called Raghunathapuram in memory of Raghunath Deo, an ancient proprietor of the Tekkali estate.



Tekkali is located at .[2] It has an average elevation of 27 meters (91 feet).


According to The Imperial Gazetteer of India[3] Tekkali in 1901 was a Zamindari tahsil in Ganjam district of Madras province. It lies on the coast of Bay of Bengal with an area of 275 square miles. The population was 124,626 compared with 115,553 in 1891. The tahsil consists of Tekkali town and about 350 villages. Tekkali town with a population of 7,557 is situated on the Parlakimedi light railway.


  • Tekkali is connected with Naupada-Gunupur branch railway line. Nearest mainline station is Naupada Junction and people prefer Naupada Junction station for catching long distance trains.
  • Tekkali is on National Highway 5 about 50 km far away from Srikakulam(dt), 150 km away from Vizag and about 250Km away from Bhubneswar.
  • Syamasundarapuram village near tekkali has famous for Sri Jagadeeswara Temple.
  • Telineelapuram village near Tekkali has famous bird sanctuary. Many pelican birds from Siberia visit Telineelapuram area every year.
  • Area Hospital, Andhra Pradesh Vaidya Vidhana Parishad is located at Tekkali. It has a bed strength of 100 in-patients.[4]
  • Tekkali STD Code is 08945
  • There is a Government Degree College, Andhra University affiliated which is very old and famous college in Tekkali.
  • There is an engineering college called Aditya Institute Of Technology and Management also known as AITAM situated in kotturu which is a 15min drive from tekkali.
  • There is a Head post office and another post office in the Tekkali market.
  • Ravivalasa is famous for Sri Endala Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple.

There is a famous SAI BABA temple in the village called devapuram which is 15 km from tekkali

Assembly Constituency

Tekkali is an assembly constituency in Andhra Pradesh. There are 1,45,921 registered voters in this constituency in 1999 elections.

List of Elected Members:

Tekkali Assembly candidates details :
Year Winner Candidate Party Votes Runner Candidate Party Votes Margin(Majority)
2004 Appayya Dora Hanumanthu INC 49,308 L.L.Naidu TDP 32,209 17,099
2009 Korla Revathipathi INC K.Achennaidu TDP
2009 Korla Bharathi INC K.Achenanaidu TDP


  • 1951 and 1955 - Rokkam Lakshmi Narasimham Dora.[6]
  • 1962 - Ronanki Satyanarayana.[7]
  • 1967 - N. Ramulu.[8]
  • 1972 - Sattaru Lokanadham Naidu[9]
  • 1978 - Bammaidi Narayana Swami
  • 1983 - Attada Janardhana Rao
  • 1985 - Varada Saroja
  • 1989 - Duvvada Nagavali
  • 1994 - N.T. Rama Rao
  • 1995 - Hanumanthu Appayya Dora
  • 1999 - Korla Revatipathi
  • 2004 - Hanumanthu Appayya Dora
  • 2009 - Korla Revatipathi
  • 2009 - Korla Bharathi

Revenue Division

There are 12 mandals in Tekkali revenue division. They are Jalumuru, Tekkali, Kotabommali, Santhabommali, Nandigam, Vajrapukotturu, Palasa, Mandasa, Sompeta, Kanchili, Kaviti and Ichapuram.[10]

Villages and Panchayats

There are 27 panchayats in Tekkali mandal.[11]

  • Akkavaram (village and panchayat)
  • Ayodhyapuram (village and panchayat)
  • Bannuvada (village and panchayat)
  • Bhagavanpuram (village and panchayat)
  • Boppaipuram (village and panchayat)
  • Buragam (village and panchayat)
  • Chakipalle (village and panchayat)
  • Gudem (village and panchayat)
  • Konusula Kothuru (village and panchayat)
  • Lingalavalasa (village and panchayat)
  • Meghavaram (village and panchayat)
  • Mokhalingapuram (village and panchayat)
  • Narsingapalle (village and panchayat)
  • Parasarampuram (village and panchayat)
  • Patha Naupada (village and panchayat)
  • Pedarokallapalli (village and panchayat)
  • Peddasana (village and panchayat)
  • Polavaram (village and panchayat)
  • Radhavallabhapuram (village and panchayat)
  • Ravivalasa (village and panchayat)
  • Sasanam (village and panchayat)
  • Seethapuram (village and panchayat)
  • Talagam (village and panchayat)
  • Tekkali (village, panchayat and mandal headquarters)
  • Telineelapuram (village and panchayat)
  • Thirlangi (village and panchayat)
  • Tolusurupalli (village and panchayat)


The above description comes from Wikipedia Tekkali based on license CC-BY-SA. List of contibutors is here.

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